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This site contains public record versions of State Hearing and Administrative Appeal decisions issued by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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What is a State Hearing or Administrative Appeal Decision?

A state hearing can be requested by a recipient of public assistance or child support services when he or she disagrees with an action that has been taken by either the county or state agency. A hearing is scheduled in which the county or state agency presents its justification for the action they want to take. The recipient has the opportunity to present his or her side of the issue and show why he or she thinks the action is wrong. After a hearing has been conducted, the regional hearing office issues a Hearing Decision stating whether or not the action is correct. The recipient can appeal the hearing decision to the Office of Legal Services.

The Office of Legal Services reviews the hearing decision and issues an Administrative Appeal decision stating whether or not the Hearing Decision was correct. The Administrative Appeal decision is the final decision of the Department and is appealable to Common Pleas Court.

What decisions are available here?

Hearings decisions available from 2020 – 2024.

How are the decisions accessed, and when are they made available?

The decisions can be retrieved using the options above. Hearing and Appeal decisions will be posted on this web site within one to two working days of the date the decision was issued.

What is the difference between the public record copy and the original decision?

The public record version does not contain the recipient's name, address, or the signature of the person issuing the decision. Otherwise, it should be the same as the original. A diligent effort is made to ensure that the copies of decisions on this site are as accurate as possible. However, these are not the official copies of the decisions and are not guaranteed accurate. If you find a problem with a particular decision, please e-mail and we will have it corrected.

Disclaimer: **All personally identifying appellant information has been redacted from these records.