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Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) Payment Estimator Tool
for programs participating or planning to participate in the
Publicly Funded Child Care Program

SUTQ is a five-star quality rating and improvement system that recognizes and promotes child care programs that exceed minimum health and safety licensing regulations. Star-rated programs that provide publicly funded child care receive additional funding based on their ratings. This additional funding is a percentage of their base pay rate for publicly funded child care services. This tool is designed to help programs estimate the weekly and annual payments they could potentially receive for each star rating they achieve.

NOTE: This tool generates estimates, not exact payment amounts. For more information about publicly funded child care payment rates and SUTQ payment enhancements by program type, payment category, location and SUTQ rating, see Ohio Administrative Code rule 5101:2-16-10. There are base rates for SUTQ rated and non-rated programs. To see payment rates for publicly funded child care services in each of Ohio's counties, click  here.

Do you currently serve or plan to serve children in the Publicly Funded Child Care program?